Nail polish peeling is when the top coat of your nail polish starts to flake and peel away from the underlying color. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as using cheap or old nail polishes, removing your nail polish improperly, or having dry nails. If you’re experiencing frequent peeling, it’s best to invest in some quality nail polish brands and take better care of your nails overall.

Reasons Why Nail Polish Peels Off?

Women claims of gel nail polish peeling off have become increasingly common in recent years. While, in experts view, there are many potential causes for this problem, some seem to be more prevalent than others.

In this article, we will look at the most likely causes of gel nail polish peel and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

The first thing to consider is the quality of the product that you are using. If your nails are weak or brittle, then they may not be able to withstand the harsh chemicals found in some polishes.

It is important to choose a high-quality product that does not contain any harmful ingredients. Otherwise, you may end up with peeled nails instead of polished ones!

Another factor that can contribute to gel nail polish peel is dehydration. When our bodies lack water, our skin becomes dry and brittle – including our fingernails! To help keep your nails healthy and strong, make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and avoid exposing them to excessive heat or sun exposure.

In our view, other things that can weaken your nails may include regular use of artificial nails, overuse of acetone-based products (like nail polish remover), and constant contact with household cleaning supplies or other chemicals.

However according to our experts, following could be possible reasons, why nail polish peel.

  1. Nail polish is applied in thin layers, so it’s easy to peel off when dry.
  2. If you apply a top coat, it will seal the nail polish and keep it from peeling for longer.
  3. If something hard hit or rubbed hard to your nails, nail polish can be damaged or chip off.
  4. Regular use of hand sanitizer can strip away the natural oils on your hand which makes your nails less likely to grip the nail polish properly (and causes chipping).
  5. Soaking your fingernails in water (like when you’re washing dishes) can make them swell and separate from the layer of nail polish, causing chips and cracks galore!

People with weak/damaged nails are more susceptible to their polishes peeling

Why does my nail polish peel off right away?

In your daily routine, you do many things that cause the nail polish to peel off. Fancynails hope the following detailed explanation will better answer your question, why do my gel nails peel off after a few days? Let’s take a look at this detailed list of reasons why your gel nails peel off after a few days.

  1. Even after curing your nail polish can peel if you do not dehydrate the nail bed properly. As our skin has the ability to produce oil and the bed does so, the oil started leaking onto your nails. Therefore, we always suggested wiping nail beds properly using a soak-off cotton pad to ensure nail beds are hydrated completely.
  2. Another reason your nail polish gets peeled off is excessively putting your hands in water e.g dishwashing, kitchen work or swimming pool etc. our nails can absorb water, and when it dries off the nail polish surface stretches and started to pop or peel.  
  3. The nail polish quality is most important when you are going to choose among different brands. If the quality of nail polish is not up to the required standers or someone at the saloon mixes it with some other ingredients. Such types of nail polishes can peel off quickly within a couple of days or even within 2nd day. So, we recommend using quality gel nail polish and checking the reviews before buying them.
  4. Your nails can start to peel off if your nail got air trapped in them while applying gel nail polish. 
  5. If your nails are thin and rubbed with a hard surface (even coating thick gel nail polish), it can damage your nails or stated to peel off, tear or break. 
  6. When your cuticles are not properly pushed back leaving a minor space between nails and skin, it can cause the nail to peel off because we know that nails easily peel off by air, water and skin oil whenever they are trapped in your gel nail polish. So, get properly cuticle done by experts or saloon to apply gel nail polish. 
  7. Another valid reason could be brittle nails, where it is difficult to make the base coat stay longer on your nails 
  8. It has been observed that if women get their nails buffed before gel polish, it may cause some friction holding on the nails.   
  9. Gel nails started peeling off if they caught any strong substance or compound regularly. 
  10. Women’s most powerful tool or weapons are long nails (lol). They occasionally or unintentionally use them as a tool for several things such as opening pinning documents, drawers or removing stains from anything. This would lead to peeling off nails and they even can break. So, you need to avoid such things to make your ails long-lasting. 


Can nail polish cause nails to peel?

Yes, in certain cases, if you nails are damaged, cutoff, tear surface and have scratches on it, they can cause peeling. Soaking your hands in hot water while doing the dishes or engaging in any other prolonged water exposure can dry out the nails. This can also cause peeling.

Peeling can also be caused by trauma:

  • Pressing on the nail is any activity
  • Using hands excessively in water
  • Nails are overused as tools
  • Removing nail polish with your fingers
  • Putting on false or acrylic nails

As they reach the free edge, these weakened surface layers will peel away. By the time you realize what you’ve done, it may have been months ago.

In addition to having greater adhesion, long-lasting nail polish is more likely to damage the nail’s surface when it is forcibly peeled off.


What is the best and cleanest way to apply nail polish?

How do you paint your nails neatly? Different people have different preferences. Some prefer to use a brush, while others like to dab the polish on with their fingers. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable doing and what gives you the most even results.


Why does my cured gel nail polish peel right off without me trying?

It is possible that your nails were not cured correctly or there may be a issue with the polish. If it continues to happen, we suggest visiting a nail technician to have them assess what might be happening.

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