You might have seen many Ticktok videos, Instagram reels and snap chat women anecdote that are fascinating and recordings of everyday manicures that are soothing and plenty of nail art ideas. Being a nail snob, I think I’m well aware of nail art, care and manicure, but Russian manicures, which I had never heard of before, piqued my interest.

I am curious to know about Russian manicure and how it was started initially, how it works and what are the advantages? Take a look at what experts have to say about the popular approach.

What Are Russian Manicures and How Do They Work?

The unique glossy style Russian technician follow gave it the name of Russian Manicure. The procedure is known as an E-file manicure in the industry. A Russian manicure, unlike gel manicures or acrylic tips, is a five to seven-step process that does not involve soaking in water.
Unlike traditional nail salons, where your hands are bathed in warm water to soften dead skin cells before getting ready your hands for manicure. Russian manicure technician use eclectic tools for setting up cuticles. For nail bed and cuticles, different electric drills are used and nail bed is painted along with shaping the nails.
After you’ve cleansed your cuticles, it’s time to polish them. However, before your colored lacquer is done, a limited-edition base coat (exclusively for Russian manicures) is applied. According to Russian Manicure exerts, the base coat used on your tips is entirely dependent on the strength of your nails. After that, an artist brush is used to apply the gel polish, which is then sealed with a topcoat.

Though the Russian Manicure method appears to be identical to that of a gel manicure, there is one key difference: the Russian Manicure technique is tailored to the demands of each unique client, which is why your base coat is chosen based on the length and strength of your nail.
Quality gel polish is often utilised to give the greatest results. “The gel used is of high quality, and it is administered in a certain method to ensure that the manicure lasts for at least a month,” according to Russian Exerts, “To avoid the overgrown effect, the polish is applied with a tiny brush close to the cuticle. Keep in mind that the manicure is quite thorough, which is why it takes two to three hours to complete.”

Is it Safe to Get a Russian Manicure?

Some governments have made it illegal to drill through the cuticle because of safety concerns. That’s why many of you have not tried Russian Manicure yet.
Furthermore, the American Academy of Dermatology advises against removing cuticles. “Cuticles protect the nail root,” the AAD advises, “therefore it’s crucial to avoid cutting or forcing them back.” “When you trim or cut your cuticles, bacteria and other germs have an easier time getting inside your body and causing an infection.”
Experts believed that Russian Manicure is safe, despite of the strict process for cuticle trimming. However, it is highly recommended that the technician must have hands on experience and certification before performing Russian Manicure.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Russian Manicure?

Unlike other manicure techniques, which priorities length, form, and design, Russian manicures are solely concerned with the health of your nails. Acrylics and hazardous gel polishes are not permitted, according to experts.
They are long-lasting, durable, and stylish. A Russian manicure done correctly, lasts for weeks—in fact, you won’t need a touch-up until five weeks after your initial session.
This is the reason; people rely on Russian manicure and give preference over standard manicure.
Fancynails experts can assent their views without any shadow of doubt that, dabbling in a new technique is a personal decision that should be made with caution and knowledge for the sake of your nails’ health. Because no one wanted to suffer from health issues and try to adobt simple ways of manicure. Still choice is yours!
If you want to add something, or share your experience, thoughts with us. Feel free to add into comments.

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