Are you interested in a shellac nails for manicure? We have seen many people claim that they can do something they see and thing, yes they can do it. But ninety percent of time they end up learning how difficult it is. Similarly, Shellack is the thing; you should only rely on someone professional and has expertise.

SHELLAC was meticulously designed as a system, explains Roxanne Valinotti, CND’s global education director. This system is designed to protect the nail’s health in every way. Any improper preparation and/or removal may result in inconsistency or nail damage.
Our manicure plans are often interfered with by life, and we end up doing it ourselves. With research time, and practice, you can perform your own manicures and pedicures in the comfort of your home every few weeks and save a few dollars. In addition to Shellac polishes, beauty websites such as Sephora and Amazon sell the UV light necessary to cure the polish.
Hang Nguyen and Valinotti were asked for advice and a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Shellac nails at home. Continue to read step by step guide and process to follow.

Preparation Is Crucial

Long lasting manicure will purely depends on the quality and good condition of your nails. First, you are supposed buff and file nails properly followed by taking off any polish on nails. Then, trim any cuticles with a cuticle trimmer and push them back. “Use alcohol afterward to ensure that the nails are free of oils,” suggests Hang.

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Select Your Goods

Here’s what you’ll need for your DIY manicure dreams:

  • A $20 CND Shellac Base Coat.
  • A $15 CND Shellac Top Coat
  • Optional CND Shellac Color ($15)
  • A $159 CND UV LED Gel & Shellac Polish Curing Lamp.
  • A cleanup brush to keep on hand for removing excess polish from the sidewalls and cuticle area of the nails.

Polish remover to assist in removing flaws

There are alternative UV lamps available for nail polish, but according to Valinotti, “the product formula is calibrated to the light energy output of the LED Lamp, which ensures proper curing.” You need to get best UV Lamps and read reviews at

It’s Polish All the Way

After filing and cleaning your cuticles, it is time to polish your nails. Apply a thin layer of base coat to each nail, working on one hand at a time, after shaking the bottle to combine the ingredients. Cure the base coat under the lamp for 60 seconds, ensuring that each finger, especially the thumb, is touched by the lamp’s light. “The thumb has a tendency to hide from the light, preventing it from being properly cured,” says Hang.

Color & Tidy

Apply the thin layer of base coat of any color of your choice and let it dry for a minute before you coat second or third layer.

Completing the Task

Finally, complete your manicure by applying a thin layer of top coat and curing it for 60 seconds. It was advised by the Hang, in order to keep cuticle moisturized, always use cuticle oil to protect it from being dry. It can cause the nails to peel off.
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This implies that minimal scraping, scrubbing, or buffing is required to remove the old polish, leaving your nail health in excellent condition. However, if you have been wearing Shellac consecutively for an extended period of time, it is strongly advised that you take a break to nourish your natural nails with cuticle oil and hand conditioning treatments.

The Benefits of Shellac Do-It-Yourself

It could be more time saving and cost effective for women if they are doing is perfectly! If your nails chip after leaving the salon, but you can’t get an appointment to fix them, this is a simple DIY solution to have on hand.
If you have a last-minute event and are unable to schedule an appointment at the salon, a mani can be incredibly convenient; a mani in that context is goals. Especially for gel removal, you can wait until the gels are actually lifted, as opposed to your nail technician rushing to remove the gels and not allowing them to soak long enough, resulting in better-cared-for nails.

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