You have options if you don’t want to use nail glue or just don’t have any. There are some unique methods to keep your fake nails in place. These techniques may not be as durable as glue, but they are great if your style is constantly changing or you need to use fake nails for special occasions.

Applying the fake nails with nail glue is the easiest way to do it. It is the one that most nail technicians recommend and use. However, Nail Glue has its limitations. Some people may be allergic to it. Others may find it too harsh or strong for their nails.

Now the question is “how to stick on fake nails without glue”?  There are many other ways to apply fake nails. Fancynails will be explain the how to stick on nails without glue comprehensively in this article.

These are the Best Alternatives of Nail Glue:

  • Nail Tabs (Easy and Safetechnique)
  • Acrylic Mixture: More durable and lasts longer than nail glue
  • Polygel or Gel Nail Polish (useful for transparent tips or nails)
  • DIY Nail Glue (Nail glue&polish).

1- Nail tabs

Nail tabs, a double-sided tape made for nail gluing, useful to attach fake nails. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your different nail sizes.

Nail glue is more durable than nail tabs, which is the main disadvantage. They are softer on nails and allow for the reuse of fakenails.

The Benefits of Nail Tabs

  • Very soft on nails. Nail Tabs aren’t likely to damage your nail plates and don’t require any harsh chemicals such as acetone for removal.
  • It’s easier to remove – Simply water your nails for about 1-2 minutes in warm soap-water.
  • This is a great option if you wish to use your fakenails again. Nail tabs let the removal without any damage.
  • Very affordable
  • It’s easy to apply

Drawbacks of Nail Tabs

  • It won’t last for more time – only about 1-2 days
  • They are not very strong – They can easily come off, especially when they get wet with warm water.
  • Nail tabs made by some brands can feel massive, which can make it difficult to press nails down.
  • Not useable on nails tips.

Nail Tabs on Fake Nails – How to use or apply

  1. First, prepare your nails. Begin by washing the nails with soapy warm water.
  2. Use a cuticle pushing tool to push back the nails and remove any excess cuticle.
  3. Use a buffer to lightly buff your nails.
  4. Preparing your nails is the last step.
  5. Preparing the nails before using nail tabs will let them to stick hard to natural nails.
  6. Apply the nail tab by pressing.
  7. This let you to place nail tab exactly where you want it to be. It willenable you covering the majority of the nail.
  8. Next, take off the nail tab’s top and place the fake nail on the nail. Hold it in place for 20-30 seconds.
  9. Then, wipe the fakenail gently. This will remove air bubbles and close any gap.

2- Acrylic Mixture

It is used to attach your fake. Acrylic Mixture is a liquid-powder mixture that’s used to create acrylic nails.

Acrylics are the best and most durable glue to use for your fake nails.

The benefits of using acrylic as an alternative to nail glue

  • Durable – Can withstand heat and pressure.
  • It can last for 3 weeks or more if applied correctly.
  • Use on both tips and fakenails

Drawbacks of using Acrylic as an alternative to Nail Glue

  • Acrylic is Harsh to Your Nails – Acrylic, just as nail glue, can act harshly on nails, particularly when you remove them.
  • They are difficult to remove – You will need to dipthe nails for at least 10-15 minutes in acetone to get rid of them.
  • More expensive – Because you have to buy the acrylic liquid or acrylic powder.
  • It is a little more difficult to use than nail glue or tabs.

Acrylic Nail Glue – How to use

  1. First, wash your nails with warm water and soap.
  2. To push or remove any cuticles, you may use a cuticle pushing tool.
  3. Next, fit your nails.
  4. Next, use acetone or rub alcohol to clean your nails.
  5. Apply a coat of a no-lift nail primer to your nails.
  6. Then, dip your brush in the acrylic liquid. Make a semi-solid beads.
  7. Place the bead on the nails, and then apply the Fake Nail.
  8. For acrylic to dry, press the nails for about 10-15 seconds.

Acrylics as Nail Glue: Who should use them?

Acrylic works great as nail glue, if you’ve the following:

  • Nail glue allergic reaction.
  • For a longer-lasting, more durable fake nails
  • Nails are continually exposed to heat, moisture, and UV rays.

3-Polygel or Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish or Polygel is very easily useable to adhere your fake nails. Gel nail polish is not as reliable as glue. Gel nail polish’s effectiveness is dependent on how the nails are pressed.

Gel Polish should be used with those fake nails that have notdense color. Actually, UV and Led light can’t penetrate the fakenail to preserve the polish if it has a dark color.

For fakenails with transparent or clear nails, it is a strong adhesive that can keep the nails on for up to 2 weeks.

May I use nail polish to glue press nails regularly

Using nail polish regularly by itself is not much stronger to use as a glue for Fake Nails.

4- DIY Nail Glue

As a DIY nail glue, you may use a blend of glue (Base Coat), and regular nail polish (clear). Citation.

This glue is not very durable, but it is able to hold the nails for at least a day depending on how much activity you do.

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