Everyone wants to achieve a perfect manicure that last longer and looks beautiful, easily to apply as well and hassle free. But the question is “how to manicure at home?” So here are some unique gel manicure tips you should apply and use in order to get a perfect manicure that last. Check out step by step guide for perfect gel manicure:

Here are some tips to make a perfect manicure:

  1. First you need to clean, properly sanitize them, file free edge if necessary. Shape according to your requirements (short or long).
  2. Prepare the cuticles, push them back. Don not cut or damage them
  3. Buff your nails to have a smooth nail surface. It is recommended to buff your nails once in a month.
  4. Use cotton balls to clean your nails to remove any dust and oil. You can use lint free wipes to remove dust or wipe nails.
  5. Now apply base coat or any adhesive on nails and let it dry under UV light. It can still be sticky and it’s normal.
  6. Apply gel nail polish on your nails, starting from the center of nail surface. Make sure you shake the nail polish before applying to avoid any bubble and wipe out too much polish on brush before applying it. If your hands are shaky, you can use manicure table for stability and smooth polish application. It will also prevent staining cuticles or skin edges so; it would be long lasting and won’t peel off easily.
  7. Now finally apply top coat polish and don’t forget to seal the edge of nails with polish to give your nails a glossy finish. You can apply top coat on every other day in order to prevent nail chipping. It would keep your manicure long lasting.
  8. Finally, dry it under UV light for 40-60 seconds.  
  9. Use very fine nail brush cleaner for cleanup around the cuticle for a nice look! You can use cuticle oil surrounding nails or on cuticles. You are done!!

We have discussed and guided about Manicure at home naturally, you can follow this Manicure procedure to apply at home and achieve perfect manicure at home.

Why are my manicures peeling off?

There are many reasons your manicure can peel off. However, here we present some of the major reasons of peeling off you manicure.

  1. If you haven’t prepared your cuticles properly.
  2. Nails bed is not dry properly or it has moisture etc
  3. Edges are not prepared well
  4. Thick gel was applied

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Why did my manicure turn yellow?

There are several reasons your manicure turn yellow.

Curing for the longer period of time can yellowish your nails. It is recommended to cure 40-60 seconds only. 

Excessive light of sun or outside activities can yellowish gel polish as well.

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Why did my top coat bubble up?

Mostly women claim that their top coat bubble up! This is because of repeated coating or painting without drying or curing it. What you need to do then? How you can avoid bubble up top coat? It simple; just let the first top coat dry properly or cure it under UV light. Then apply another coat if necessary. If top coat is not cured (under UV), it could get bubbles and looks weird.

You are supposed to apply only one layer of top coat on your gel nails, which is recommended by nail experts.

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How long do gel manicures last?

Gel manicure can last for 2 to 3 weeks max.

How to protect heath of my nails?

Nails are important part of body and add into the beauty of you! Nail looks make you prominent among others. Protecting your nails is crucial part, you direly need to take good care of them or be ready to face ignominy in your circle. 

Here are some hacks you can follow to protect your nail health:

Always use good quality cotton gloves or moisturizing gloves while using scrub or painting your nails, applying hair color etc.

Regularly moisturize your cuticles. Never try to trim them. Use cuticle oil regularly.

Keep your nails dirt free.

If you are using nail polish remover, keep in mind to use acetone free remover.

Keep your cuticles clean and moist. Use good quality cuticle oil or cream. Don’t let them dry. Read in detail about How to Fix Dry Cuticles

Clip your nails properly with good quality nail clippers.

Give your nails some rest for a week or two; skip the manicure for some time to keep your nail health in good tune.