Are you worried about your dry cuticles? Do you want to get rid off? Why are my cuticles so dry? Here are some unique ways you can avoid dry cuticles and stop nails peeling off.

In this article we will discuss major reasons of dry cuticles, how they can be treated and ways to keep cuticles from getting dry.

When it comes to beauty problems, it’s safe to say that no one wants to deal with dry cracked cuticles. Cuticles are not the same thing as your nails. Instead, they are the area of skin around your nails that keeps bacteria out. This area tends to get dry, which can make even the most beautiful manicure look unkempt.

“Our cuticles are a defense that keeps bacteria and fungus from getting into our bodies and nails. They work like a security sealant for our nails. They are especially traumatised by being over washed, bit, picked, or manipulated.

Women mostly get infection when they cut off their cuticles it damages nails as well. So, its highly recommended by the experts not to cut the cuticles, as they are natural part and protect our nails.

Whether it’s because you wash your hands all the time or because the cool weather makes the air dry and cold, your cuticles may always need some TLC. Then how do you stop them? Emollients, cuticle oil and barrier creams are great ways to take care of cuticles by making them more hydrated and moist.

According to our experts, Vaseline is one of the favourite things to use here. However coconut oil includes fatty acids that help cuticles moisture is also suggested to use. It also helps calm the skin and keep it healthy by killing fungus and reducing inflammation.”

How to fix dry cuticles? As per expert’s opinions, we have come up with some ways to fix damaged cuticles and how to treat them gently.

Vitamin E Oil for Cuticles

While taking care of our face and skin, we often forget to take care of our cuticles. But this can lead to dry, cracked skin that is easy to peel off. The best way to stop pain is to keep your cuticles soft and moist instead of cutting them too much.

Vitamin E oil is very nourishing ingredient that can help keep the cuticles soft and moist, particular it is full of antioxidants and is a great way to speed up the healing of cracked cuticles.

Some experts also recommend Shea Butter, which is made with 100 percent organic ingredients and is very moisturising. It can be used to soften the skin, hair, and cuticles. Use a moisturising hand cream to add more moisture to your hands.

Cuticle Oil can Fix Dry Cuticles Nails

If your cuticles are dry, you should always have cuticle oil on hand. Best cuticle oils are important part of keeping the skin healthy. If you need to want to keep your cuticles moistures and shiny, avoid dryness and peeling off, it is highly recommended to use them every day, at least once.

They keep cuticles from drying out in the first place, and it’s always easier to keep cracks and tears from happening than to fix them. They are available in small sizes, so you can keep them in your car, purse, or gym bag, and it’s quick-absorbing, hydrating formula will keep dryness at bay.

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Never Bite it With Teeth

During the colder months, when humidity levels drop and less moisture hits our skin, it can be tempting to bite and pick at your cuticles. It has been noticed that people bite and pick at their cuticles more when they’re dry and cracked. We suggest, you should keep this area moist all the time so nothing sticks out and makes you want to bite it.

When you put finger in your mouth, the saliva eventually damage nails and cuticles. Resultantly, they will become dry, fray and peeling off. This could be major cause of bacteria and fungus to get in and cuticles may come off completely.

To keep your cuticles safe and strong, we would highly suggest you to stop biting your nails from teeth.

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Stop Polishing for a While: Dry cuticles

We love a good manicure as much as the next person, but if you want to help your dry, cracked cuticles, you might want to take a week or two off from nail polish. While The nail plate has tiny pores that let water that gets under the nail evaporate.

Even a clear coat of polish can block the pores, stop the water from evaporating, and lift the nail plate off the nail bed, which can lead to nail fungus. Furthermore, the chemicals in nail polish and the remover used to take it off may dry out the nail plate.

All these processes and procedures can weaken the nail and cause dryness, weakness, chipping, and ridging. Additionally, giving the cuticles a break from trimming and pushing should let them heal and focus on moisturising.

Buff The Nails

According to expert buffing the nail is better option for gently smooth surface then cutting them off. Just keep in mind that dry cuticles can be a little sensitive, especially if you catch them by accident and cause them to tear more. This is why it’s important to use very light pressure.

Buffing hardens the surface of the nail and also seals it, which helps prevent peeling and chipping. It can help remove any ridges on the nail bed, making your nails look smoother and healthier. Additionally, buffing makes polish last longer because it creates a smooth surface for the polish to adhere to.

Conclusion about Dry cuticles:

Cuticles can be protected by using cuticle oil, creams and vitamin E that include fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which help heal and moisturise the cuticles. However, women can get better results by applying cuticle oil followed by soaking off hands for some time.

We recommend using natural or organic products. It could take few weeks to see improvement or Better results so keep using your creams and serums regularly to see results.

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