For those who are a fan of nail polishes, buying one or more colors when entering a superstore or cosmetics store is always a fun. It is hard to resist, even when you already have almost every shade of nail polish you can imagine. However, without considering DIY nail polish organizer case, it is impossible to make the most of this large collection of nail polish colors. Without it, you also may not prevent them from spoiling due to lack of use or getting lost around the house.


Therefore, it is important to consider nail polish organizer case and adopt some method of organization, in addition to always looking to check the ones that are getting old or close to expiring to spend them soon and make room for new colors.


Types of Nail Polish Organizer

We have discussed the Types of Nail Polish Organizer below for those who have a small amount of bottles and also for nail polish aficionados who have a real collection.


  1. Shelf

For those who prefer to expose the nail polishes in a corner of the house or in the beauty salon itself, an option is the shelf. If you don’t want to buy a ready-made one, you can make your own using pallets or pieces of sanded and painted wood. Just be patient and dedicated and it will be beautiful.


  1. Tray

Another way to display your bottles in a stylish and organized way is to use a metal, wood or acrylic tray as a nail polish organizer case. It will leave the nail polishes separated by color to make the look even more beautiful.


  1. Drawer

Acrylic drawers are great for organizing various types of cosmetics, such as makeup, brushes and why not nail polish? Because they are transparent, you can easily find the color. Acrylic drawers are resistant and can even be part of the decoration, but they are a higher investment. For those looking for a more affordable alternative, the idea is to opt for plastic drawers that you can easily find at home supply stores.


  1. Suitcases

Handcrafted nail polish organizer case made especially for nail polishes, besides being practical and keeping your nail polishes in plain sight, is a charm. You can find this type of suitcase on sites like and prices vary a lot. There are also industrialized cases that are generally marketed as makeup cases, but can also be used to organize nail polish.


  1. Shoe holder to store nail polish

Creativity is a great ally for those who want to organize without having to resort to more expensive materials and prefer to take advantage of what they already have at home. One idea in this sense is to adapt a shoe rack to store the nail polish. Organization is even more practical if the shoe rack is transparent.


In addition to the numerous homemade organizers that you can adapt yourself, there are also professional organizers that you can find in specialized stores for beauty salons. For those who work in this area or have a lot of nail polishes, they can be an interesting in alternative Nail Polish Organizer Bag.


5 tips to keep your nail polishes in order

How can I organize my nail polish? Here are some ideas that you can adopt to care for your nail polish collection.

  • A golden tip to make it easier to find nail polishes in the container where you keep them is to paint a little ball on the lid with the color of the nail polish;
  • Always when you finish painting your nails, clean the edge of the glass with acetone to remove the excess and be able to properly close the package;
  • How to organise nail polish by colour? Keep nail polishes organized by color, joining similar tones;
  • If you have a lot of nail polish from each brand, another organization option is to separate them by brand;
  • If you prefer, put the nail polishes that are closer to expiration in a separate box and use them more to finish before they expire.

Use your creativity and be careful when choosing or creating your own nail polish organizer, so your passion for glass will always be very well taken care of and nail polishes easy to find.