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Hands say a lot about a person but we often forget to take care of them. Or simply we ignore them even knowing that they are one of the first things people notice about us. Nails play a huge role in making the hand look beautiful and attractive. But taking time from the busy schedule to go to a nail salon seems hectic, time-consuming, and way too expensive. Keeping that in mind we have listed some false acrylic nails for you to have an at-home manicure.

We have categorized the nails according to the different nail shapes so that you can easily choose what you want. If you are looking for nails that stay for a long time without chipping and breaking, then fake acrylics are the best false nails for you to choose. You can give them any shape by filing and trimming and do the nail art on them to convert them into beautiful false fancy nails.

Acrylic French Nails


KISS Everlasting French Nail Kit Short Length

Short acrylic nails, Short French Nails, French tip nails, Fake acrylic nails
Material: ABS Plastic
Length: Short Length Nails
Color: Natural/ Nude with white tips
Technology Used: Flexi Fit technology
Box Contain: 28 nails, glue, mini file & manicure stick

Petite nails are perfect for daily use, and the best nails for you if you do home chores. They are sturdy, professionally done, and look natural. These nails even look better than a manicure at a salon. We are sure that these press on petite French nails will get you a lot of compliments. If you ever had a bad experience with artificial nails, these will surely change your mind.

  • Never Chips
  • Comes with pink gel glue
  • Ensures lasting and comfortable wear
  • Amazon Best seller & most selling kiss nails
  • The glue may give the bubbly look under the nail if not applied properly
Note: Apply a coat of sheer, pink nail polish to cover any visible bubbles


CoolNail White Ombre French Ballerina Nails

False acrylic nails
Color: Pink Nude White Ombre
Material: High quality ABS Plastic
Length: Medium short practical length
Package: 24 pcs Nails tips & 1 pcs double side sticker for free

If you have been on the hunt for the best press on ombré French nails for ages now. Or if you want to get acrylics that are obviously expensive and require maintenance, these nails are excellent for the price. They will surely save you a lot of time and money while making your nails look fabulous.

  • Long lasting and don’t chip
  • Easy to apply, file and paint
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Best gift to give
  • Buyers need to prepare glue
Note: If you see the glue underneath, apply a coat of sheer, pink nail polish
Note: When you press them on, maintain the pressure for 10-15 seconds. That will ensure they stick on evenly and for a long time


Kiss Products, Acrylic French Nails, Alter Ego

False acrylic press on nails/ acrylic French press on nails

Save money on manicures with these KISS nails. They are the perfect substitute for French nails, look real, and last for at least 2-3 weeks. They are nude nails with a white tip that give you a natural look and make your hand look super neat and beautiful.

Color: Pink Nail Bed with white tip
Material: ABS Plastic
Length: Short Length Nails
Technology: Acrylic-infused technology
Box Contain: 28 nails, glue, mini file & manicure stick

  • Natural look and will not chip
  • They have softly curved smile line
  • 2 times stronger than other brands
  • Delivers a flawless French manicure
  • Some glues may come dried up
Keep your receipt and make the manufacturer send you a replacement
KISS French Nail Kit Medium Pearl Tip Nails
KISS Natural Acrylic Nails/ Almond Nails
KISS Acrylic Natural Nails, False Nails
KISS Acrylic Nails, French False nails Rush
KISS Everlasting French Toenail Kit/ Acrylic Toenails
KISS Salon Acrylic Long French Nails/ Long Acrylic Nails
KISS Salon Acrylic Nude Nails/ Nude Acrylic Nails/ Almond Nails
CoolNail French Ballerina Nails, Natural Nude Coffin Nails

Clear French Acrylic Nails


AORAEM French Acrylic Nails With Box

Artificial False Nails Half Tips, Natural Nails
Color: Clear
Material: ABS Plastic
Shape: Half cover nails with U shape
Length: Moderate length and thickness
Size: 10 different sizes with 50 nails of each size
Total Nails: 500 pcs

  • Fits every finger
  • Easy to trim and paint
  • Convenient to choose the suitable size
  • Great for nail art learner and professional equally
  • Some tips may not be smooth around the edges but you can just file that.


Krofaue Lady French Style Acrylic Nails

500PCS Natural False Nails Tips, Home DIY Nails
Color: Natural color
Material: ABS Plastic
Shape: Half cover nails with U shape
Length: Moderate length and thickness
Size: 10 different sizes with 50 nails of each size
Total Nails: 500 pcs

  • Suitable for nail salons
  • Best for DIY nail art at home
  • Ideal gift for any occasion
  • Great for everyday use
  • Glue is not included


Feugole French Nail Tips Acrylic Fake Nails Half Cover

1000PCS Artificial Half Cover False Nails, DIY Nail Art, Half Cover Acrylic Nails
Nail Shape: Half-stick design
Nail Box Material: Sturdy plastic
Size: 10 different sizes with 50 nails of each size
Quantity: 500pcs Clear fake nails, 500Pcs Natural false nails
Total Nails: 1000 pcs

  • Very strong, not easy to bend
  • Numbered Boxes
  • Novel and Unique Design
  • Can be applied quickly and evenly
  • The clear ones are quite flimsy
false acrylic nails
Krofaue Clear False Nails Tips/ French Acrylic Nail Tips
VinewS Acrylic Nail Tips/ French Acrylic Nails 1000pcs
fake acrylic nails
Ejiubas Clear Nail Tips Acrylic False Nails Half Cover Tips 500pcs
clear acrylic nails
BTArtbox Clear Acrylic Nail Tips/ Half Cover False Nail with Case
long acrylic nails
ECBASKET Acrylic Half Cover French Nail Tips
Dockapa Acrylic Nail Tips/ French Fake Nails
French acrylic nail
ECBASKET Half Cover French Fake Nails
half cover natural acrylic nails
TAKIYA French Nails Half Tips Fake Nails

Stiletto Nails


AORAEM Stiletto Half Nail Tips, Acrylic Stiletto Nails

500pcs Long Stiletto Nails, Natural Half Cover Nails, Halloween Nails
Material: High Quality ABS
Color: Natural /Clear color
Shape: Long Sharp Stiletto nails
Size: 10 different sizes with 50 nails of each size
Total Number of nails: 500

  • Sturdy and not very pliable
  • Individually numbered 0-9
  • Easy to keep track of
  • Without toxics and will not harm your nails
  • Easy to shape, file, paint, and apply with glue
  • If you clip them they pretty much turn in to the square nails instead of coffin


ECBASKET Stiletto Nails, Pointed Fake Nails

Natural Acrylic Nails, Pointed Fake Nails, Long Full Cover Artificial Nails, Long Acrylic Nails
Material: ABS green environmental material
Color: Natural color
Shape: Full cover stiletto nails C-curve
Size: 10 different sizes with 50 nails each
Total Number of nails: 500 pcs fake nails

  • Moderate Thickness
  • Individually numbered 0-9
  • Fit well to natural nails
  • Holds the color without separating or streaking
  • Quite curvy, so not for the flat nail beds


BTArtbox Full Cover Stiletto Nails, Acrylic Stiletto Nails

False nails for DIY nail art, 500pcs Long False Nail, Full Cover Artificial Nails with Case
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Natural/clear colors
Shape: BTArtbox Long Fake Nails
Size: 10 different sizes with 50 nails each
Total Nails: 500 pcs fake nails
  • Sturdy, breathable, light
  • Individually numbered 0-9
  • Non-toxic, No smell
  • Hold the color well
  • They aren’t super thick yet rather sturdy
  • Quite big, not for tiny hands

AORAEM Long Stiletto False Nails/ Full Cover Artificial Fake Nail
ECBASKET Stiletto False Nails/ Full Coverage Nails 500pcs
short stiletto nail tips
JASSINS False Nail Tips Artificial Short Stiletto Nails 100 PCS
Yimart Stiletto False Nails/ Oval Stiletto Sharp Nail tips
natural stiletto nails, long stiletto nail tips
Michelle False Nails Tips Stiletto Press on Nails/ Claw Nails
LoveOurHome Clear Long Stiletto Nail Tips with 12 Glitters
short stiletto nails
Vivid Stella False Nails Tips/ Full Cover Almond Fake Nails
INFELING Nail Tips Stiletto/ Acrylic Stiletto Nail Tips
long stiletto acrylic nails
ECBASKET Stiletto Nail Tips/ Half Cover Pointed Fake Nails
Saviland Acrylic Nail Tips Set/ Stiletto Extra Long False Nail 120 Pcs
extra long stiletto nails
Vcedas Stiletto Extra Long Sharp False Nail/ Long Claw Nails 120pcs
clear false stiletto nails
Vivace Clear Stiletto Acrylic Fake Nail Tips/ Artificial Stiletto Nails
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